`Spa for a Cause’ to help Castle Rock girl

Spa-for-a-Cause-to-help-Castle-Rock-girlShe’s only 10, but looks like she has soldiered through some war. She’s long-limbed and bony, and her eyes are red and tired after multiple surgeries for detached retinas.
“I play by myself at recess all the time,” said Maddy Collins about experiences at South Ridge Elementary School in Castle Ro

Some kids call her “alien” and she sits alone at lunch, because they worry if their trays touch hers, they’ll have to throw their food away.

That’s what Maddy, who was born with Marfan syndrome, faces from many classmates. And then there’s what she and her family face every day.
There is a long list of things she can’t do. So that she can live.

More >>> http://www.ourcoloradonews.com/castlerock/news/spa-for-a-cause-to-help-castle-rock-girl/article_723f79cc-ed9f-11e2-a4d6-0019bb2963f4.html


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