On Jeans for Genes Day, budding ballerina Kaylee Kretschmer shows her poise


marfan syndrome uk logo squareKAYLEE  Kretschmer looks like a regular four-year-old budding ballerina but she’s a true fighter.

She was born with Ehlers-Danlos-Syndrome, a little known rare genetic condition which means her limbs dislocate easily, she is prone to bruising and is constantly tired.

Her mum, Mandy, who also lives with the condition, is urging people to wear their favourite pair of jeans in support of Jeans for Genes day today to raise awareness of diseases like her daughter’s.

The little fighter is a real inspiration as doctors told her she would never be able to play sport, let alone twist and twirl like a ballerina.

Kaylee’s defied the odds and just started her first term of ballet under the watchful eye of mum.

Everyday she needs to wear special braces around her ankles to support her joints.

Read Full Article: Herald Sun


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