Marfan Syndrome Is Not a Laughing Matter

By Danielle Lowe –  Student journalist at University of Kent

marfan syndrome uk logo squareThe Internship, a film about two people entering the technology savvy world hoping to enhance their career prospects is released on 3 July in the UK.

However, the film have been released into the US cinema market, meaning that the public are starting to share their opinion.

The film makes reference to Marfan Syndrome, a heart condition, that if not treated effectively can kill and even with preventative methods does not stop death from being a risk.

Sadly, they aren’t doing it in a positive light. They are doing it in a joking fashion, and while raising awareness of the condition, they are also ultimately making it a laughing stock.

As somebody that suffers from the condition, the same on that killed award-winning Jonathan Larson just before his play RENT was about to hit Broadway, I am disgusted to see that a film is willing to earn a bit of money and get a laugh out of people at other peoples expense.

Read Full Article: The Huffington Post


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