Rosemary’s Baby? Inside The Ethics Committee, Radio 4

marfan-syndrome-uk-logo-square150Last month I went to London to record ‘Inside The Ethics Committee’ for Radio 4, hosted by Joan Bakewell. It was as ever a vomit themed and fascinating experience – I’m told ‘Can I have a vomit bowl just in case please’ is one of the more unusual studio requests!

As I’ve already been asked, I’d like to clarify – I’m not the case study Rosemary and I’m not pregnant! However, Rosemary and I are almost the same age and we both have EDS – this meant I felt a huge sense of responsibility to Rosemary when we were making the programme – I didn’t necessarily think the decisions Rosemary was making were always the decisions I would make for myself but I did feel it was vital to defend her right to make those decisions for herself, whatever they might be.

The subject of assisted conception, parenting and disability is obviously complex and sensitive, but I hadn’t expected this to be the most challenging media recording I’d ever done…which is entirely my own fault for not thinking things through before I say yes to them! I am glad I said yes without thinking though as it was also one of the most constructive and interesting discussions I’ve ever participated in – having an all female panel and host definitely helped that. There was simply no-one looking for any kind of conflict but to explore with each other the different issues and potential consequences.



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