Library Exhibit Highlights Those Living With Chronic Pain

marfan syndrome uk logo squareIn 2009, photographer and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome survivor, Syd London, had an idea for a photo documentary that she entitled,INvisible Project. It was her vision to bring public visibility to the experiences and strengths of those living with pain. This project compares the fragility of the physical body with the resilience of the spirit that holds onto hope, by highlighting the day-to-day experiences of 15 chronic pain survivors through photographs. With support from the CT Pain Foundation, Syd London followed each person for one day, capturing the struggles and triumphs of the pain survivors, including Hillsborough resident and business owner Stephen G. Brilliant.
“For 12 years I have lived with a chronic neurological pain condition in my left ankle known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome or Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (RSDS or CRPS),” Brilliant said. “Whether it’s running my business, cutting the grass, coaching my kids or traveling with my family, the pain is always there—but most people just think I don’t like to wear shoes.”

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