A cardio-thoracic project in Jaffna with patients’ best interest at heart

With his trailblazing plan, a Lankan doctor from Oxford seeks to fill a life-threatening void in heart surgery in the North.

Dr.-Ravi-Perumalpillai Sri LankaSpotting whom many call “the tallest person in Sri Lanka”, he walks up to him and tells him to hold out his hands, palm downwards, followed by a look into his mouth. After a cursory glance in which he sees “long thinned fingers and a high-arched palate”, he murmurs that 7’3″ tall Kunasingam Kasinthiran has features of Marfan Syndrome and should get it confirmed and followed up at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

As he questions Kasinthiran about some of the symptoms that he has been experiencing, it is obvious that he knows what he is talking about. For, Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder of the body’s connective tissue which can cause the aorta (the main vessel taking blood from the heart to the body) to become stretched or weak.

It is not only this very knowledge and skill but also deep concern that has brought eminent Heart Surgeon Dr. Ravi Perumalpillai all the way from Oxford in England to Jaffna in Sri Lanka. The prime mover behind the Oxonian Heart Foundation (OHF), he hopes to help hundreds of men, women and children in the Northern Province as well as the North Central Province and the Eastern Province.

Read More: The SundayTimes


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