McKeand Stadium banner commemorates tragic loss to Marfan Syndrome

Nathan GliddenMarfan syndrome tore into the very fabric that is the Shelbyville football program last January.

Todd Glidden’s death left starting left offensive guard, Nathan Glidden, without a father. And the football program lost a huge supporter.

Upon his death, the Glidden family asked that donations be made to the National Marfan Foundation and the Shelbyville High School football program.

Rather than spend the donated money on equipment or upgrades, head coach Pat Parks wanted to do something to honor Todd’s memory. Through a conversation with offensive coordinator Scott Fitzgerald, the idea to hang a banner at J.M. McKeand Stadium was born.

“I wanted to do something that was, not say permanent, but this is going to probably be here for awhile,” Parks said.

On Aug. 30, prior to Shelbyville’s home opener against Franklin, the Glidden family was introduced to the hometown crowd. Public address announcer Jeff Kolls then explained that the new black and gold banner hanging over the press box that read “Together We Attack” was a direct result of the money donated in Glidden’s name.

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