Mother given just two years to live celebrates surviving a DECADE – Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

marfan syndrome uk logo squareA mother given just two years to live set off on a farewell tour of the world with her three children – and ten years on she’s still loving life.
Joanne Teague, then 39, kept it a secret from her children aged three to eight when doctors warned a heart defect meant her days were numbered.
So she planned a series of tours with her husband and children to make the most of her ‘mummy memories’ with her young family.

Mrs Teague found a ‘lust for life’ as she toured Spain, Greece, Switzerland, France and Italy during a six-month trip.
And she has surprised doctors by still leading a healthy life a decade later – and seeing her
children Will, 18, Alice, 14 and Peter, 13, grow up.
Mrs Teague took the trip to make some ‘loving family memories’ for her young children but didn’t tell them about the doctor’s warning.
Read more: Daily Mail


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