Ronalda’s Song debuts at Good Samaritan UMC – Marfan Syndrome

Ronalda PierceOn June 4, 2004, Ronalda Pierce, from Ashburn, GA, a potential superstar for the FSU women’s basketball team, died suddenly of an aneurysm at the age of 19. Her death was brought about by the silent killer Marfan’s Syndrome.

Ronalda had been taking a “Death & Dying” course at Florida State University and one of the class assignments was for the students to design their own funeral. As a part of her funeral she wrote a poem to be read many years later, or so the thought.

Having worked the Seminole sports beat for well over 30 years, I became very close to Ronalda’s story and that Seminole team of 2004-05. So while working on a book and a screenplay about the story, I was inspired to convert Ronalda’s poem into Ronalda’s song.

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